Any kind of help is required in the current refugee situation. Many asylum seekers are dependent on urgently needed physician’s examinations, medical treatments and medicines.

At the “Kinderwunsch Institut” IVF clinic near Graz, we have decided to launch the “MEDeinander helfen” network in order to ensure fast, free and unbureaucratic health care. We therefore call on our fellow physicians specialised in each medical field to assist us with their active support.

Please help us to help others.

Do you need help?
Emergency number:

0660 800 98 22

Hotline Mon - Fri
from 12 noon to 2 pm
Would you like to help us?
We are looking for:
  • Doctors
  • Physicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Ambulance services

The Members of the "MEDeinander helfen" team

Dr. Frank Schneider, orthopaedics specialist, Graz
Emira Schumacher, Caritas, Graz
Dr. Philipp Kreuzer, specialist in training, Graz
Genericon pharmaceutical company, CEO Dr. Gerhard Klinger, Graz
Dr. Otto Koren, internal medicine/cardiology specialist, Bruck
DI FH Bettina Hiller, logistics, Graz
Dr. Lilian Masoud-Landgraf, microbiology specialist, Graz
Irene Holzer, Caritas, Graz
Dr. Monika Wölfler, gynaecology specialist, Graz
Yvonne Zöllinger, psychologist, Graz
Ines Pleschutznig, Kinderbüro / Familienhilfe, Graz
Nicole Mund, midwife, Graz
Dr. Babak Bahadori, internal medicine specialist, Schladming
DI (FH) Dr. Bettina Hiller
Mag. Gloria Avar, psychologist, Graz
Dr. Günther Krottmayer, pediatrist, Graz
Dr. Eva Pfadner, surgeon/emergency doctor, Graz
Dr. Michaela Pump, psychologist, Graz
Dr. Thomas Petek, Lorenz & Petek laboratory, Graz
Dr. Maria Mogg, general medicine, Graz
Dr. Stephanie Bergner, general medicine, Graz
Dr. Thomas Paszicsnyek, orthopaedics specialist, Graz
Dr. Vesna Bjelic-Radisic, gynaecology specialist, Graz
Dr. Bernt Tritthart, dentist, Gleisdorf
Mag. Tanja Scheriau, psychologist, Graz
Dr. Peter Schlögl, urology specialist, Leibnitz
Ingeborg Parvin, MLS, Graz
Dr. Andreas Münch, anesthesiology specialist, LKH Graz
Dr. Christof Pabinger, orthopaedics specialist, Graz/Gratkorn
Dr. Ingrid Zittera, gynaecology specialist, BKH Lienz
Kerstin Tropper, qualified nurse, Graz
Dr. Elisabeth, gynaecology specialist, Graz
Dr. Michael Strobl, ENT specialist, Leoben
Dr. Anita Strobl, dentist, Leoben
Dr. Helmut Meglitsch, Leoben
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